Hi, I'm Amy,

    I empower service providers with sales skills and confidence, so

they can make consistent sales in their business


Enneagram 6 w 7 ( a natural at sales)


Human Design: Projector 

Introverted - extrovert. I love spending time in large groups and public speaking, but I need lots of downtime 

Mum, Wife, Sister, Cat mum

Sagittarius, who loves travel and being free 

Direct and honest, but always said with love. I am the friend you bring along when you need a real honest opinion 

Location: Isle of Man (UK-ish), serves customers worldwide

  • Graduated University in 2009 in Politics and Economics
  • Spent 6 years working in sales/ account management roles in software and telecoms
  • Grew accounts from 6 figure months to 7 figure months
  • Had the then number 1 account in my department
  • Mastered sales and selling
  • Online Business Manager for multi 6 figure businesses
  • Enabled my clients to get corporate deals with their small businesses
  • Managed 6 figure launches online
  • Managed memberships with over 1,000 members
  • Created 7 figure growth plans
  • Managed a range of clients from corporate service providers, digital doulas, stock photographers, coaches, Forbes contributors, and Financial advisors to name a few.

A little more about me...

Hi, I’m a business owner, just like you.


So, how did I get here, to be a sales mentor and Online Business Manager?


Well, I spent years managing clients, building relationships and growing client accounts in the corporate world for telecoms and software companies.


Having been thrown in at the deep end and learning on the job by simply picking up the phone and talking, I came to love sales and became quite the expert, growing accounts from six-figure to seven-figure sums each month, earning promotions, making connections with key players and climbing that ladder.


I worked with businesses of all sizes, from startups to listed companies and I realised I loved the idea of starting my own company and doing it for myself. It was when I was 20 weeks pregnant that I finally left my corporate life behind, having started my business as a side hustle and secured enough clients to go full time.


As I grew my business, I realised that the majority of small-business owners weren’t at a place they wanted to be; not because didn't have a great product, or didn’t have good ideas, and certainly not because they weren’t working hard enough.


It was because they lacked sales skills and didn’t know how to increase sales.


They needed my sales coaching solutions.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, women, in particular, have a difficult time recognising their high worth, and this becomes apparent with their lack of confidence around sales, and their tendency to undervalue themselves.


My philosophy is, I love to help, serve and empower business owners 


YOU can’t help your audience if YOU don’t sell to them.


My focus is on helping you think this way too. I help you tell the world about why what you offer is so great. It’s not about a hard sell. I empower you to believe in your product.


I love working with entrepreneurs because of the high level of respect I have for those of us who take the road less travelled and carve out a future for ourselves in this corporate-dominated world.


And what I love most, is when my clients realise that the very same passion and desire which drives them to start their own business, is the same passion and drive which makes them excellent salespeople.

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